The Making of a Conversation – a workshop on how we interact​

After years of talking saying “We should create a workshop together”, Vernon Richards and I have finally done just that. Join us at the Leeds Testing Atelier on the 9th October where we’ll be running The making of a Conversation

Throughout our careers, we join and form teams with people from all walks of life. We work in a creative industry, and we invest a lot of ourselves into our work so it’s essential that we can have crucial conversations while remaining congruent.
In our workshop, we’ll take you through the Satir Interaction model to exaggerate a conversation, highlighting how much goes on between hearing and seeing someone speak, to responding.

A better understanding of congruent conversations, how you interact with others and why you have specific responses.
A model to break down interactions allowing you to respond congruently
We’ll look at the process we go through from hearing and seeing someone through to responding.

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